Monday, June 23, 2008

A Page...A Page

I finally did a page!! I hate when I get into these non-scrapping modes!!! My mojo had truly left the building!! LOL! Well, I don't have much to talk about today, but I was proud of finally scrapping.

This is my little one in all her glory!! This was taken after the Christmas parade. She was Queen of her school. I used some Peabody paper that I bought from thienthanh's Esty Shop. Check her out!!

Smooches xoxo

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Stuff

After scrapping this picture for Father's Day, I thought I'd share the actual photo. I so love this picture of my daughter and hubby. She was so tiny when this was taken and can't you just see the LOVE in her Daddy's eyes?? :o) Sorry, I didn't mean to get so mushy!! LOL!

Today, my daughter went on a field trip to the skating rink. She was so confused about what a skating rink actually was. (First time skating) This morning she said, "Mom, I'm gonna be scared". I said why? She said, "Because I might fall!" I told her it was OK to fall and just to get back up and try it again. She seemed OK with that. When I picked her up from school she told me that she fell a lot of times, but got back up and kept skating. She had a BLAST!! I just wish I was there to see it.
Anyway, on another daughter is having such a hard time understanding the different races. It's almost sad and heartbreaking that I even have to explain it to her, but I guess that's just life. It's funny to hear a 4 yr old try to make sense of all the different shades of the African American race. She says Mommy is white, Daddy is black, and she calls herself light brown!! Poor kid!! LOL!!
Smooches xoxo

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!! Today has been a wonderful day. I started out with a call to my Daddy to wish him a Happy Day. He was so excited to receive a card from his granddaughter!! LOL! Especially since she signed it all by herself. :) I just want to say that I couldn't have been blessed with a better Father. Growing up, I thought he was the stricted person on Earth, but now I realize that he only had my best interest at heart and I thank him for it. xoxo

(My Daddy) Isn't he handsome??

My hubby decided that he wanted to spend Father's Day with a movie and dinner at home. We went to see The Incredible Hulk and it was AWESOME!! Then it was back home for a dinner that he is preparing. HAHAHAHA!! Yeah you heard it right...he's preparing his own dinner. He wanted to grill and since I'm no good at that he said he would do it himself. LOL!! Here's a picture of him and our daughter. Can you tell she LOVES her Daddy?? :)

I was going to buy a card, but I figured I'd do something a little non-traditional. I created a clear wall hanging with a picture of the hubby and kid when she was just 3 months old. I just love this picture!!

Well, I'm off to eat dinner and relax with the family. I wish all of the Father's, Grandfather's, and the Mother's that have to play the role of both a wonderful day!

Smooches xoxo

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not much going on...

I should really be asleep instead of blogging. Especially since I'm trying to make it to the gym in the morning!! It's funny how I get into these bouts of insomnia that last for weeks. I guess this is one of them because this week it has been difficult for me to get to sleep. Since I'm up, I decided to make some more felt flowers for my Etsy shop. I really love the way they turned out and will be featuring them in my shop soon. I've really been slacking in the area of crafting...I haven't posted anything in my shop for a week and I haven't done a page since my DT assignment was due the end of May.

Speaking of's my latest Design Team project..."Extreme Teens". I had a lot of fun with this bright paper. It took me a minute to find a teen to scrap though!! LOL!! I finally found a picture of my oldest God-daughter and her dress matched this paper perfectly.

Stay tuned for another give away in my Etsy shop this week. Maybe that will get my creative juices flowing!!
Smooches xoxo

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Stuff

Here are some yummy new felt flowers that I created for my Etsy shop. :) They were so fun to create that I think I'm going to make some for my own scrapping pleasure!! LOL!!

I was also in the scrapping mood this weekend and made this layout of me and my hubby. Now, this is a rare moment as I rarely scrap myself and almost never scrap my husband. He always says he feels privileged to be on a page!! HAHAHAHA!! Do you think that's a hint?? I used some Love Elsie papers here that I bought in ohcrop16's Etsy shop. Go check her out, she has some great stuff!

Well, it's been a long day so I'm going to try to go to sleep. I'm hoping to make the gym in the morning...prayers please. :o)

Smooches xoxo
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