Monday, February 18, 2008

What a Great Day!!

I was off work for President's Day and I got a chance to scrap! I did 4 layouts which is a record for me. I started out my day getting pictures developed at Wal-Mart. Of course I couldn't go and get what I went for!!! Is there anyone that can go in Wal-Mart and get exactly what they went for? If so, PLEASE let me know your secret!! :) Well, "the honeymoon is over" so I guess I better go to bed so I won't be a zombie at work tomorrow.

Smooches xoxo

Here are my creations from today:


Danielle said...

Hi there! Congrats on your new blog! It looks great and I love your layouts, especially the first one..very fun colors, love the little present!


Regina Easter said...

WOW, THESE ARE AWESOME LAYOUTS....I haven't posted on the scrapbook site in ages......hugs..regina

Dawn Bibbs said...

Hi there...I haven't read a single word of your BLOG yet. But I wanted to thank you for stopping by mine. And also to thank you for leaving such a sweet comment. Of course I don't mind if you link me.

By the way, even though I haven't read any of your blog yet...what I SEE in your work is AWESOME. I'll be back later to actually READ :-).

Have a great evening.

Staci Compher said...

welcome to the blog world!!! love the new pages....can't believe you got 4 done!!

Cheryl Wray said...

These are gorgeous!!! I love that last one especially!!!

I actually wandered over here from Dawn's blog. She's one of my favorite blog people, so I knew I'd need to pop over here and check you out too.

I'm also a scrapper and a mom.

Love your stuff, and I will be back!

Veroncia said...

Oh I'm stealing that last LO for sure. Consider yourself lifted by me again...LOL

K is getting so big and grown up.

themacmomma said...

4 would be a record for me too!
Great LO's!
And, go right ahead and link me baby!

Amy said...

Ken, your LOs are awesome.....but then again they ALWAYS are!!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Alrighty...NOW I've read your blog, lol. Wow, you do BEAUTIFUL work. And your daughter is SUCH a cutie. Aren't we blessed to have such cute little girls? :-)

By the way, you've been linked :-).

Have a great weekend.

Penny said...

girl your blog rocks and so does your work!!!

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