Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Got Them!!!

My brand new Futuro Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Supports better known as Night Splints. Most of you probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about! LOL!! Well, unfortunately about two years ago, I decided that it would be the perfect time for me to jump start my weight loss program by running...NOT!! Being that the scale is not my friend, it was probably the worse thing that I could do. Not that this condition doesn't happen to people who the scale is very friendly to. It's a common condition among runners called Plantar Fasciitis. Here's what the Mayo Clinic has to say about it:

Do your first few steps out of bed in the morning cause severe pain in your heel? Or does your heel hurt after jogging or playing tennis?
Most commonly, heel pain is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia — the tissue along the bottom of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes. The condition is called plantar fasciitis (PLAN-tur fas-e-I-tis).
Plantar fasciitis causes stabbing or burning pain that's usually worse in the morning because the fascia tightens (contracts) overnight. Once your foot limbers up, the pain of plantar fasciitis normally decreases, but it may return after long periods of standing or after getting up from a seated position.

So, after a year of pain, I decided to go to the Dr. Can you tell I'm terrified of Dr.'s??! LOL! Anyway, I knew before she gave me the diagnosis what it would be. I had already read about it on the Web. So, I was prescribed tennis shoes, stretches, and physical therapy. $$$$$$$$$ The physical therapy didn't help at all and the tennis shoes really didn't feel all that different. Now, I must admit that I really haven't performed the stretches as instructed which may be the reason for my very SLOW recovery. Needless to say, after two years I'm still no better than I was when it was diagnosed. Now that it's goten really bad, I've decided to be a good patient and do the recommended stretching along with purchasing the night splints. Looking at this contraption, it looks like it's not a big deal, but if you have this condition, the thought of your foot being in this position is TERRIFYING!! At this point though...I'll try anything because I can no longer wear regular shoes, walk barefoot, and most exercises are very painful. :( Since I'm trying to lose weight, exercise is a must so, I'll let you know the verdict after sleeping in these tonight.

Now, I was scrolling through my pictures and came across this one of my daughter on her 2nd Halloween. Isn't she the cutest little bug??? I just love this picture. It made me smile and maybe it will bring a smile to your face too. LOL!! No laughing please. :o)

Smooches xoxo

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Back...

My Mojo that is!! I haven't done a layout in a while. It took a lift to get there, but I finally did a page after several weeks of scrapper's block. Thought I would use some of my new Scienic Route paper since I just love all the bright colors. They were perfect backdrop for my daughter's silly picture. I swear she is such a camera DIVA!! LOL!! I can't wait to share our pictures from the park that we took this weekend. I think I've created a MONSTER!!

Well, not much chatter today. I'll stop in and chat with you guys later! Take care. :)

Smooches xoxo

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Rambles

I sure hope everyone had a great weekend. Nothing much going on over here. Just a lazy Sunday afternoon. Gotta love 'em!! Just waiting for hubby to get home so we can go out to the Olive Garden. I've been craving some pasta for weeks now so I can't wait to get it!

I was hosting the weekly challenge over at ASF. The challenge was to alter something. I really stepped out of my comfort zone when I created this purse. I am definitley not a pro at the sewing machine, but I figured a straight line couldn't be that hard!! LOL!

I crafted ths little purse out of a pair of my daughter's old capri jeans. I added a flower, gemstones and ribbon. I loved the way it turned out and my daughter can't wait to get her hands on it. :o) I may even feature some of these in my Etsy shop...we'll see.


Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I'll chat with you later!!

Smooches xoxo

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got Cake?

Quick post!!! Here's my latest Etsy creation. Cute little cupcake embellishments made of paper and felt. Come check me out HERE!!

Smooches xoxo

Sunday, May 11, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Mrs. Kwitty!!!!! And here is what she won...

Thanks to everyone who participated and Happy Mother's Day!!!
Stay tuned for more give aways later!!

Mrs. Kwitty, please email me your address @ so I can get your prize in the mail.

Smooches xoxo

Friday, May 9, 2008

Etsy Give Away!!

I've been wanting to do this for a while and after seeing it on my friend, Adriann's blog I thought this would be the perfect weekend to do this. In honor of Mother's Day, I'd like to give away a little shopping spree to a special lady. All you have to do is visit my Etsy shop, pick what you want, and post the link here!! Simple right??!! I'll use the randomn number generator to pick a winner on Sunday, May 11th, so be sure to stop back by to see if you won!!

Now on to other stuff!! Here is my latest Design Team project over at ASF. My theme was to use bling. Talk about fun!! I used some DCWV papers, rhinestones as photo turners and gems for a photo corner. The picture is of my daughter after church one day. Isn't she cute??!! I know...I know...biased Mom!! LOL! If you get a chance, stop by ASF because we've extended our cybercrop and would love for you to join us!!!

Now, this next picture is one of my first abstract canvases. Be gentle!!! My friend says it's still neat, but this is the best I could do. LOL! I'm definitely not the abstract artist, but I really love to paint. I always feel like art work should be neat so I think I should maybe stick to pictures. HAHAHAHA!! If you only knew how hard it was for me to just smear some paint on this canvas...I felt like I had to keep fixing it!! LOL! At least it matches the colors of my daughter's room so I think I'm going to hang it there. Maybe later this week I'll be brave enough to post my face painting. Now, if you think I'm terrified of abstract, then I'm 10 times worse when it comes to painting faces. :o) I'll have to do some major self talk in order to post that one here. LOL!

Oh well, I guess I've rambled enough. Time to get off and attempt to scrap some pages for the Cybercrop. I hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day. Don't forget to post your link for the shopping spree. Have fun!!

Smooches xoxo

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Stuff

I really didn't have much planned this weekend. On a whim I decided to take my daughter to the movies. She's been wanting to see "Horton Hears A Who", so we went to see it Saturday. Cute movie although nothing seems to hold my 4 year old's attention for longer than an hour. Once the popcorn's gone, she's ready to start moving!! LOL!

We were hosting a weekend crop at ASF, so I attempted to scrap for that. I wasn't really in the scrapping mode this weekend though so I only managed to complete one project. I did have fun looking at everyone else's projects though!

Here are my latest Etsy additions. I used a paper piecing technique on these. I think they turned out pretty cute. The first pair are made of paper and the 2nd one is made of felt. I plan on using them on a page soon.

Here's the layout I created for ASF's weeekend Cybercrop! My daughter is sooo sassy!

Smooches xoxo
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