Wednesday, July 23, 2008


No one told me when I started crafting that it would become an obsession!! LOL!! I think I've gone button crazy. HAHAHA!! I just can't seem to stop making them. Having said that, I'm sure I'll be giving away some at the end of the week so stay tuned.

Now back to the addiction... Thoughts of crafts, scrapbooking, card making, colors, altered items, etc. swarm my mind through out the day. It's funny because I'll see someone in a dress and think, "Man, that would make a great scrap page!!" Crafting is definitely addictive for me, but at least it's not harmful... unless you count my check book. :) I guess I could be addicted to worse things...

So, here are several sets of buttons that are featured in my Etsy shop. If you crave another color combo or a different number of buttons, please let me know and I'd be happy to customize for you.

I love these and they are so fun to make!! Gotta love Amy Butler paper, right?!

I even used one on this page. This is my daughter when she was just a little bug. **sigh** Where does the time go? It was only yesterday when she was this little. Now, she's 4 and Miss Sassy with a Capital "S". HAHAHAHA!!

Well, thanks for listing to me ramble and checking out my projects. LATER!!

Smooches xoxo


You can call me Lucky. said...

Very cute work!
And yes...addictive!

Regina Easter said...

hey girl, i got the buttons in today...thank you so soon as i get a chance, I am gonna make something.........your layout is adorable....great job...hugs..

Lana said...

Oh I love your blog.
Thanks for kind comments on mine.
Do you ship to the UK as I love your buttons?
Your work is beautiful, I'll be back
Lana x

kathj said...

love thoes buttons!

Melonie said...

Adorable LO! I lay awake thinking of all things scrappy too! You are not alone my friend. Love the buttons.

Jill Deiling said...

i adore your buttons, i bet theyre gonna be a big hit!! I love your new layout too! :)

Dawn Bibbs said...

SUPER cute buttons. Got any in purple? LOL Just kidding. LOVE the do good work, my friend.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Cuuuute stuff!!! The buttons you made are really cute --and that page layout with your little "bug" is just adorable!
Smiles, Karen

Lydia said...

I love to visit your blog, you so crafty! :) Awesome lo and cute buttons!

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