Thursday, July 10, 2008


First of all, I can't believe I am posting this picture!! LOL!! But, this is proof for all of my friends who don't understand why I rarely wear my hair down!! When it's up in my normal pony tail or bun, it doesn't look like much, but take it down and WHOA!! It swells to gigantic proportions!! HAHAHAHA!! You should see it before I finish blow drying it. :) I'm open for suggestions ladies!! Anyone know how to manage some puffy, soft, wavy, fly away hair??!! I still can't believe I'm posting this. LOL!!

Stop laughing, ArtsyWriterMama!!!

Now onto smaller things!! LOL! Here is my latest addition to my Etsy shop!! Cute felt buttons. I love how they turned out. Well that's all for now. See ya later!

Smooches xoxo


Nnairda's said...

Ummm.... I think I'll just keep my comments to myself. LOL!!!

Girl that's a lot of hair!!!

Love the buttons...they are so bright and summery.


themacmomma said...

Woa! LOL, I love it!
I have NO suggestions since my hair is completely FLAT!!!

Way cute buttons! Thanks for checkin' in!

Lea said...

You know I cracking up!!!! LOL! I love those buttons!! Keep hope alive on the hair...;o)

Lydia Siegel said...

I know how you feel. That is what my hair looks like after I wash it! Plus my little sister's hair is like that. She would get a perm or straighten it out herself with a flat iron. I know what you are thinking..."MAN THAT WILL TAKE FOREVER!" Yup, it does. HTH

Now on to your buttons! They are so darn cute. I love the stuff you make. They are all so cute and cheery!

Michelle said...

Hair straightener? I'm clueless when it comes to hair. I throw mine up in a pony and a bun all the time too. Cute buttons!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I have lots of hair like you.. especially in the summertime.. It seems to grow.and grow..and
You look beautiful!
and the buttons look cute too..
Have a wonderful evening... Bunches of hugs....

Dawn Bibbs said...

Love the hair! :-)

However, I don't have any earth shattering suggestions for you. I too, am having hair issues. But I'm not NEAR as brave as you to show a picture. Trust me on this one!

The buttons are BEYOND cute!

Anonymous said...

Your buttons are supercute and i like your haird down ! If you are interested, my friend has SUPER curly hair like this and some expensive hair product called Ouidad is out of this world, it changes her hair like you wouldnt believe ! I believe they have a website , i think . Havent visited your blog in a while and i remembered about you when i saw you on my friends blog :) Good to see you !


Veroncia said...

I can't give you any advice of hair. i will be cutting mine off in the coming week. For some reason, the braids that I have a couple of months again weaken my hair so bad. It's uneven and damaged. I wish I had you length. Now I see where Miss K gets her beautiful mane from.

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