Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine Blog Candy

Want a chance to win these?? Just post a comment on this thread about how you celebrate Valentine's day. Yep, it's that easy!! I'll pick a winner tomorrow night. Have fun!

Lover's Lane Buttons

Thanks for playing!


You can call me Lucky. said...

These buttons are do cute!!! I want them!!!

I made Valentines Day packages for my family and friends. I like to surprise them with unexpected goodies so they know how much they are loved. :)

I may also bake something sweet for the girls at work.

Catherine said...

Hi Ken,
Thanks for leaving me a comment on my Feb Challenge! I'm looking forward to receiving your samples & I absolutely love the vday buttons & the two scoops!

I don't know if I'm "allowed" to play along, but I'm celebrating valentine's day by making extra fudgey brownies and spending the evening with my sweetie.

How are you celebrating?

LBMann said...

These are toooo cuuutttteee!! Just go ahead and send them my way...............please!!!
Thanks for the opportunity

Robin said...

As always I love your candy!

We have never "really" celebrated Valentine's day. Oddly enough his dad and my mom's birthday is Valentine's day. So it's always been a birthday day for us. Though we always buy each some little something, usually its dinner with the family. He buys me stuffed gorillas every year...what do you think he's trying to say???

Cathy said...

Awww your heart shaped one of awesome.

Tamara Nicole said...

Those are toooooo cute! I'm all about polka dots!

Sooo this year I'm going to take my hubby on a surprise scavenger hunt to go to all of our amazing "first dates" to re-create our beginning:-)

Also made some fab cards for my girlies:-)

~Tamara Nicole~

~EssenseVibez~ said...

hell, get the last 2 kids otta my house and i juss wanna hug and cuddle with my hubby of 25 years---they've always been in the way---juss jok'n!!!---i'm sooo ready to win some of yor cute buttons---hope i'm not tooo late to post--if so, good luck to everyone!!!--remain bllessed!!

Anonymous said...

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