Sunday, April 20, 2008

Great Weekend

Don't you just love when you have those? Weekends where you don't really have a lot to do and you can just do whatever you want? :) Saturday, I stayed in the bed most of the day watching the NCIS marathon. Then me and the kid went to hang out with my two best friends and their kids. The kids always have a blast when they get together!! My daughter especially has fun since she's an "only child" and craves playing with other children. What's funny is that she never wants to play with the kids that are her age. Always the ones that are a few years older!! It's funny though because both of my best friends have little girls that are 9 & 8 and they carry my daughter around like she's a newborn!! LOL! Her legs are almost as long as theirs so this looks hilarious!

Sunday, we went to church and then back home to watch some TV and relax. I really wanted to craft, but I was lazy. I did however, manage to make some tags to sell on my Etsy shop.

Of course I couldn't leave you without pictures!! LOL! Here's a recent one that I took of my GodGrandson. Isn't he adorable?! I just can't get enough of those eyes. :o)

This is a Bday card that I made for my little cousin's birthday last weekend. I used the dog template from Regina's "I WOOF YOU" bag.

Smooches xoxo


Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend! You deserve it after your flat tired from Tuesday!

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS weekend!!!!

And I love that pic of that cutie pie!!

Have a great day!!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh, How Adorable and precious... Bunches of hugs!

Heidi said...

He is so adorable!!!! I absolutely love that card too! You are so great with the little pen accents!

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