Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm Back

Wow!! It's been a LONG time since I blogged!! Sorry gang, but I've been a bit under the weather. I had my wisdom tooth removed Wednesday, so I've been out of pocket. My husband insisted that I stay with my Mom since the meds made me dizzy and nauseous. I guess that combo doesn't make for a good caretaker. LOL!! I'm still not 100%, but I'm getting there.

I tell you I was having major internet withdrawal at my Mom's. She doesn't have the web, so I was without my computer for 4 days!! WHEW!! I didn't realize how addicted I was! HAHAHA!

Today was the first day that I've even felt like crafting. I managed to do a few things for my Etsy shop. Check me out!! I also did a layout which I'll post tomorrow. Well, I'm off to bed! Chat with you guys later.

Here are my latest Etsy additions...

P.S. I made two more Esty sales!!! WOOOO HOOOO!! :)
Smooches xoxo


michelle said...

These cards are so pretty ! love the one with the ladybugs !!

Adriann said...

Congrats! And I love the new stuff. So springtime!

I'm finished with the invitation job. Thank God! It was a chore. I didn't realize how work intesive it was until I agreed on the job. Lesson learned.

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Amy said...

So glad to see you back, Ken....I've been checking in from time to time & really missed you!! Glad you're on the mend now.

And your new creations are adorable!

DeeDee said...

Adorable cards girlie!!! Congrats on the Etsy sales....I just made my first one yesterday...woohoo!!!

Staci Compher said...

....hope you're feeling better!! ouch!! don't know how you made it 4 days with no internet....and I can't wait to get my cute lil Monkey tags!!!!

Melonie said...

Hope you are feeling better today! I go to the dentist on Thursday and I am suspecting that I will need a wisdom tooth pulled too. I am petrified.
Love your new creations!! I will definately be checking in on your etsy shop! Have a great week.

malieta said...

Hi Ken!

I saw the name "babydoll" and I just had to stop and take a peek. Your cretions are awesome and I love your style.

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